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*4 Full Sets & 4 Black* (20 Inks) Of T0711-714 (T0715)Compatibles

*4 Full Sets & 4 Black* (20 Inks) Of T0711-714 (T0715)Compatibles

You will receive the following Cartridges

8 x Black Cartridges ( Compatible with T0711/T0891 )
4 x Cyan Cartridges ( Compatible with T0712/T0892 )
4 x Magenta Cartridges ( Compatible with T0713/T0893 )
4 x Yellow Cartridges ( Compatible with T0714/T0894 )

These come Retail Packed and with a minimum of 12 Months Shelf life.

  • These are 100% compatible with cartridge codes T0711, T0712, T0713, T0714 and the T0715 multipack, they also work exactly the same and can be used as higher capacity replacements for T0891, T0892, T0893, T0894 and the T0896 multipack. For the following printers:

    Epson Stylus: D78 / D92 / D120 / DX4000 / DX4050 / DX4400 / DX4450 / DX5000 / DX5050 / DX6000 / DX6050 / DX7000F / DX7400 / DX7450 / DX8400 / DX8450 / DX9400F / S20 / S21 / SX100 / SX105 / SX110 / SX115 / SX200 / SX205 / SX209 / SX210 / SX215 / SX218 / SX315 / SX400 / SX405 / SX410 / SX415 / SX510W / SX515W / FN / SX600FW / SX605W / SX610FW/ Office B40W / BX300F / BX310FN / BX600FW

  • With our Inks you will not get any of the compatibility problems you will find with cheap and nasty cartridges, our cartridges are tried and tested and are GUARANTEED to be some of the best compatibles available on the market.

    • Our Cartridges offer great print quality even compared to that of Epson originals.
    • They use high quality ink and are filled to their maximum usable capacity. Simply take them out of the box and put them straight into your printer.
    • These ink cartridges carry the latest version hardware chip for maximum compatibility.
    • Our cartridges are brand new, not refilled or remanufactured and are made to ISO 9001 Standards.
    • Our Cartridges come retail packaged and have a minimum of 18-24 months shelf life.
    • We buy these direct from the manufacturers and pass the savings on to our customers.
    • We don't sell cheap Ink, we sell Ink cheap!
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 24 June, 2010.